Our Story

Seed and Stone Cidery is an Urban Cidery located in the City of Rochester, New York.  We  are dedicated cidermakers and we create small batch traditional ciders from exceptional apples from local orchards.

Our ciders are a fresh alternative to many of the overly sugary concoctions masquerading as hard cider for years and often contain concentrates, water, artificial flavors, food coloring, corn syrup, and forced carbon dioxide.  We use  traditional winemaking techniques to produce our ciders. These ciders take many months to age, to slowly bring out the natural properties and goodness of the apples.  We respect the apples and the process.

We spend months tasting, smelling and watching our ciders as they age.  When the cider is ready, we then bottle or keg where it will then undergo a natural finishing process “bottle conditioning”.

Ciders handcrafted in centuries of old traditions is our goal for the ultimate cider drinking experience.