Everyday we hear "I don't like cider it's too sweet." Believe it or not there are other style ciders out there, not all ciders are sweet. Seed + Stone ciders are dryer and aged, ciders that can be enjoyed like a glass of wine. We're determined to change people's minds about cider one cider at a time.  Also, enjoy our meads that we make too! photo courtesy @tomasflint

Ciders are rotated on tap.

FARMHOUSE - wild fermented, English bittersweet apples, clean, bright, unfiltered, dry and still

IPC - dry hopped with citra, mosaic, el dorado & Idaho 7, notes of mango, orange, melon

APPLE TEPACHE - pineapples with cinnamon, cloves, peppercorns, ginger, then aged in Mezcal barrels

POMME BLANC - wine barrel aged cider, characteristics of a chardonnay, still and dry

MONK JUICE - mango and pink guava fruited sour, unfiltered

SPRUCE TIP - Colorado spruce tips, from the mountains in Colorado and juniper berrries, are infused in the cider to provide that fresh evergreen aroma and taste

CAPTAIN'S CHOICE - aged in bourbon barrels, oak and vanilla notes.

HER MAJESTY’S CHOICE - aged in gin barrels, notes of juniper berry, oak and citrus

AZACCA GOD - azacca hops, sweet fruit, woody aromatic, spicy and citrus

TRAPPLE - heirloom apples & traminette grapes, barrel aged

COFFEY - notes of cinnamon, rum, pecan, infused with coffee beans

PIONEER - New England style cider, brown sugar, raisins added then barrel aged in Basil Hayden bourbon barrels

CINCO - cider aged with oranges, lemons and limes. We bring this out in May to celebrate Spring.

DISTANT RELATIVES - a watermelon and cucumber inspired cider that we bring out each summer.