What’s different from what you’re making?

Everyday we hear “I don’t like cider it’s too sweet.” Believe it or not there are other style ciders out there, not all ciders are sweet. Seed + Stone ciders are Heritage style, dryer and aged, ciders with a range of different notes to experience – from citrus, to funk, to smoke. We’re determined to change people’s minds about cider one cider at a time.


Our flagship cider, a traditional dry cider fermented slowly and aged over six months. Bottled without filtering and bottle conditioned for a light effervescence.  A mix of American Heirloom and English Bittersweet apples. This cider promotes clean aromatic characteristics and intensifies mouthfeel and lingering flavors, while encouraging the fresh aromas of tropical fruit, cream, vanilla and spice.

dry traditional cider


Our New England style cider is a tribute to the New World settlers. This cider is a mix of heirloom  apples, brown sugar and raisins aged in whiskey oak barrels. The cider is dry and balanced with refreshing acidity and bold tannins. The barrel aging lends to a complex structure for a most enjoyable cider to relax and share with friends.

A tribute to the new world settlers and the type of ciders they made. Additions of brown sugar and raisins then barrel aging before bottling. A nice tannin rich flavor.


Our citra dry hopped cider is smooth and approachable with a perception of sweetness on the palate, tropical notes and desired aromatics including, gooseberry, lychee, mango, melon, grapefruit, orange rind and passion fruit. You’ll get the aroma of the hops and a light taste, not a heavy taste as in IPA beers.

Citra dry hopped cider. A topical fruity style cider with hints of citra hops.


Our Farmhouse style cider is a combination of heirloom and bittersweet apples, cellar aged over six months. This still cider offers a bit of earthiness, gripping tannins, real minerality, balance, funk and structure and is medium dry through a process known as keeving. If your great grand daddy were alive today this would be the cider he’d be making in his barn. You haven’t experienced cider until you’ve had our Farmhouse. This is ‘real cider’.

Our farmhouse cider is a wild fermented cider. Nothing but apples in this batch. A majority of bittersweet apples give it it's unique taste. Semi dry and still this is our cidermakers favorite.