Shertbriar Meadery

Mead is the oldest drink known to mankind and we hope to reintroduce it back to people who have never experienced this fine drink of the Gods.

Shertbriar Meadery is our brand name.

BALDER'S WILD GINGER - the sweet and smooth of honey kicked up a notch with the spice of fresh ginger.

EIGHT HORNS - the warming spices are in full effect to give those cozy vibes, ginger and star anise.

INTO THE WOODS - tapped in the spring this maple sap mead brings you warm woodsy flavors.

JUN - floral & tropical notes, robust notes of pineapple, hibiscus & peach

KNOTWEED WARRIOR - fully fermented Knotweed honey leaves behind surprising notes of pollen and springtime. Catch hints of peach and nectarine.

SIMA - a Finnish mead drank for the Vappu Festival to celebrate spring. Lemons, lemon zest and raisins.

THE HOPPED ONE - mead dry hopped with citra, tropical, refreshing.

ODIN'S GOLDEN TEARS - apples and honey fermented then whole allspice, vanilla bean, raisins and cinnamon sticks added.

TEARS OF RE - apple + honey, bright, acidic, wild flowers, semi-dry.

HEIDRUN'S CURE - taste earthy sweetness and flower aromas with this black currant mead, dark, tart and dry.

HAND OF THE QUEEN - a delicate blend of wildflower honey and elvira grapes, this is a pyment.

KILLER BEE -  a capsumel mead - Mexican chilis combine flavors of heat, smoke and sweetness, bright, tart notes, and mild warmth trails on the finish.

FREYA'S KISS - a chocolate cherry mead

WAMPUS CAT - the perfect blend of sweet honey, malty flavor and body and a bit of hoppiness, light and refreshing like a pale ale.

DRAUGR'S BARREL - caramalized honey mead aged in fresh bourbon barrels. Strong notes of bourbon, oak and vanilla.

SKULL BURNER - a pineapple and habanero mead, sweet heat

ROYAL JELLY - childhood memories, concord grape, honey and peanuts round out this delicious peanut butter and jelly mead



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